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Room 10 Kirklandneuk

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Our new topic...

Active maths is a fun way to learn our tables

We were very lucky to receive a letter from the Roman God Remus who is trapped in Renfrew. He has asked us to find out information about his country and his people to help him escape from Renfrew and return to Rome. He has been watching us do our work.

On Wednesday we found a sandal with another letter from Remus. This time he told us he would leave something outside our class when Kirklandneuk was quiet. We are all very excited to find out what it is going to be. He has asked us to keep up the good work and is very proud of what we have completed so far.

As it is fitness month we have been takin part in aerobics some mornings and Miss Fulton has been leading fitness routines in P.E.

We are all enjoying the exercises and enjoy when it is our turn to lead a routine for the rest of the class to follow.

Our smartboard is now working allowing us to use it during topic, active maths language and for general research. We are all enjoying using the smartboard.

With Parents Night on Tuesday and Wednesday we are hoping for lots of good reports and are working very hard towards this.

Miss Fulton is very pleased with the work we are doing. We have found out lots of information about The Romans and hope that you will see this during our open evening at the end of March.

We will update our blog again soon!

P4 and Miss Fulton


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