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Room 10 Kirklandneuk

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Malaysia Topic

Lots of tasty treats prepared for us to try! 
We are all very excited to learn more about our new topic- Malaysia! We were visited by 2 of our parents, who both come from Malaysia, to learn more about the country and everything that goes on there!  We were extremely lucky to have this talk and taster session, along with room9! They had organised a fabulous power point and lots of photographs for us to look at! We were then able to pass round many products from Malaysia that can be bought in our supermarkets or local stores! This was very exciting and helped us to learn more about cooking and tasty Malaysian dishes! Following this extremely detailed and informative power point we were treated to a delicious tasting session! During this time we tried coconut water, banana chips, special cookies and cakes, various fruits- including an interesting looking dragon fruit and lots more! We really appreciate the help of our fabulous parent visitors and learned so much from them! The teachers learned a lot too! Enjoy looking at our photographs of our fun filled morning! 


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