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Room 10 Kirklandneuk

Friday, March 23, 2012

It's almost easter!

Primary 4 have had an extremely busy term! We have all had an excellent time doing our Viking topic and thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Vikingar, in Largs. This trip allowed us to learn more about our topic and visit a long house where we tried on real helmets, held shields and met Thora the Red, a Viking Woman. This was very enjoyable for everyone! Thanks to Mrs Gentles and Mrs Smythe for accompanying us.

On return from our visit we further prepared for our open evening. We created our very own Viking Village in the class and I am sure you would agree our whole evening was a success...well apart from the food tasting!

We are all looking forward to sailing our super long boats at Robertson park. This has been postponed due to the pond being drained but we will hopefully get to set sail in term 4!

We had a visit from LEPRA and took part in a fun LEPRA workout to raise some money for children with Leprosy.

We are also hoping to bury a time capsule as part of our 50th Anniversary celebrations. Every class is contributing to this in a different way :)


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