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Room 10 Kirklandneuk

Friday, September 17, 2010

Term 1

We are now well into Term 1 in Primary 4 and are getting used to being upstairs. It is quite different to being in P3 as we are learning to be more independent and being more organised. We have completed our Science Topic about Water and we enjoyed the bit where we did some experiments to find out what substances dissolved in water. In RME we have also been learning about the Islamic Faith. We are also making good progress with our reading, language and maths tasks.
Our topic this term is called Community Needs and Wants, and we have just started on it this week.
The school is getting ready for the move to Moorpark so there is a lot of packing going on and the gym hall is filling up with boxes. We have been doing our PE outside and weather permitting we will continue to do this for the next few weeks so we must bring a jumper or jacket to school.