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Room 10 Kirklandneuk

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Term 4

When we returned from our Easter Holidays we started to practise for our class Assembly about Miracles and Parables. We told the story about Jesus Feeding the Five Thousand and The Prodigal Son. Our assembly was on Friday 26th April and it went very well and many of our parents were able to attend, they were very proud of us as was Mrs Irving. Our collection was sent to Yorkhill Hospital.

Our science topic this term is electricity; we are particularly enjoying this and have been creating simple circuits.  We have also been looking at different materials ( rubber, paper clips, paper, aluminium foil, metal spoon, plastic fork, coins,  paper fasteners) and predicting whether they are conductors or insulators. We discussed in our co-op groups our predictions. Then we were able to choose different materials and make a circuit and record whether they were insulators or conductors.

We were very fortunate as we had Duncan at P.E. who was teaching us about hockey. We developed our hockey skills and we had great fun as well.

We have had a busy few weeks and we all ahd great fun atSports Day. The Talent Show was our End of Term Reward and Little Six from our class represented room 11, they were all brilliant!

We cannot believe that we are almost at the end of primary 4 and will soon be in Primary 5.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

3D shape race!