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Room 10 Kirklandneuk

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy New Year- Term 3 2012


Group work and discussion

great teamwork!

Our lovely new teaching wall and smartboard

It's great!

What a fantastic start to a New Year :)!!

We were all very excited as we entered the playground on 5th January 2012 :)) We couldn't wait to see our lovely new school and all it's fancy gadgets.

The transformation has been totally amazing! So much so some parts of the school are difficult to visualise as they were before!

Our new classroom is absolutely fantastic and we are so lucky to be in such a lovely, modern building. All of us love the new teaching wall where Miss Fulton's resources are kept and the smartboard. There is also a fabulous new slidng whiteboard, this is very impressive.

We have highlighted our favourites aspects of the school. One thing that has really stood out is the super speaker system which allows the office staff and Mrs Wieland to make announcements that can be heard all over the school!

New routines have been picked up very quickly and we are all in the habit of changing our shoes to protect our lovely carpets.

It's Joyning The Learning topic time again...this will be revealed to you at our open evening in March!

We have completed our level 3 Heartstart input and did very well putting our 'casualties' in to the recovery position.

Thank you for looking at our blog this term! We are all very excited about term 3 and are ready to face the challenges and fun times that lie ahead.

As soon as we have any more updates we will put them on :)

Thanks again

Primary 4 and Miss Fulton