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Room 10 Kirklandneuk

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hard work and great fun had by all...

During term 4 we have been very busy.

We have been enjoying an Active Choices program during P.E. sessions. This has helped us to understand more about a healthy lifestyle and the choices we make. We have been having great fun while developing our skills in P.E. activities and using our fantastic diaries has allowed us to take note of our activity during the day and the foods we are eating.

On Friday 4th May we finally got to visit Robertson Park. The trip was a great success with several of our long ships managing to stay afloat. We did have one Titanic and the wreckage sank to the bottom of the pond. The ships were a huge success and even some passers by came to look at the fantastic designs. We would like to thank Ben and Jiong for helping us with our fantastic origami creations. Lauren-Anne and Jamie's ship sailed the furthest and was the winner of our final race.
setting off
 first launch
 and the next

 here goes!

 wow!look how far we have sailed!

 ready to launch!

 and they're off!!

We would like to thank all of the helpers who came with us!

It was a great success :)

We are now looking forward to our assembly on Frday 11th May. 

We have been working hard to learn our lines and parts and hope you can make it along.