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Room 10 Kirklandneuk

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Term 1

Primary 4 Blog
Welcome to Primary 4.  We have all settled into our new classroom in room 11,   we are now upstairs! Our new teacher is called Mrs Irving. We have been making new friends within our class and are enjoying primary 4.
In RME we have been learning about Hinduism and Rama and Sita. We did some art work with Miss Craig and we have also performed some drama and retold the story of Rama and Sita. This was great fun and we have some actors in our class.
This term our Social Studies topic is China and we have discovered where China is and located the capital on our maps. We are going to learn about school life in China, the currency and the language that is spoken. We will compare the differences between China and Scotland.
As we are now in the upper school we have more responsibilities and we have Pupil Council, Anti- Bullying and Eco School Representatives
We are looking forward to the rest of the term.