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Room 10 Kirklandneuk

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Term 3

Term 3 is in full swing!

We have had another visit from Gladigators which was great fun and allowed us to reinforce the importance of brushing our teeth and how we do it. We were also allowed to go on the inflatable assault course which was brilliant!

Everyone is looking forward to our trip on 28th February to Vikingar, Largs. This will help us with our work and will allow us to learn out of school and in a different way :)

Our class have been trying hard to remember our water bottles and walk to school everyday to ensure we get a chance to play in the dodge ball tournament, organised by Mrs Gray for Health Month.

We are also looking forward to an afternoon of Zumba and the many other activities taking place this month.

Our recent Open Evening for parents allowed them to see the amazing changes that have taken place. This was very impressive for all involved :)

Thanks for visiting our blog!

Primary 4 and Miss Fulton